January 23, 2018

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Audi Q7 pickup truck-front view

Audi Q7 pickup truck is the first model of this renowned German manufacturer, who has entered in this segment of vehicles. Our sources point out that the producer plans to implement this concept in the near future. The demands for light-weight cargo commercial vehicles in the US market is growing day by day. In other words, this niche is very progressive and generates big profits. Obvious that Audi will maintain its distinctive luxury philosophy, and also a high level of technological development, which will put it ahead of the competition.

The body will be shared with Audi Q7, but with large modifications to the rear as you can expect since it’s a pickup . Front of the vehicle will fully remind you to the SUV and the rear part includes cargo area. The use of lightweight materials such as aluminum will reduce overall weight and improve performance. The mentioned details bring refreshments to attract potential buyers.

Audi Q7 pickup truck-front view

Audi Q7 pickup truck – Exterior

Audi Q7 pickup truck by its exterior offers a stylish look that will suffer some changes that are inevitable. The front fascia receives a redesigned headlights with chrome details added and excellent ventilation system. With 18-inch wheels, this pickup truck will surely look beautiful. Sides have new thresholds and aerodynamic panels, while the rear end is characterized by the cargo box made of stainless materials and ancillary chrome bars. Tailgate has a simple mechanism for opening and closing and allow easy manipulation of the goods. High-quality finishing and attractive colors will leave you in awe. The cabin is configured with two doors and can accommodate only two passengers.

Audi Q7 pickup truck – Comfort

Audi Q7 pickup truck is very comfortable and inspired by the high level of elegance. Some would say maybe even too much for this segment, but the point is that this is Audi brand, which is synonymous with these things. So the carmaker made seats of natural materials while settings allow ventilation, heating and changes in positioning. The cabin is spacious with plenty of room for knees and head restraints. The list of equipment includes a new generation of infotainment with integrated navigation. Also, automatic air-conditioning and premium entertainment system will keep this truck in a high level of comfort. With off course wireless connectivity feature you’ll remain connected with everyone you need at every moment. Occupant safety is high thanks to active and passive systems, which come from the passenger program.

Audi Q7 pickup truck-dashboard

Audi Q7 pickup truck – Engine

Under the hood, Audi Q7 pickup truck has 4.2 liter V8 engine that produces 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. We found out that the engines will be available in both variants, diesel, and gasoline. Automatic transmission transmits torque to two or all four wheels. Furthermore, fuel consumption according to EPA is around 20 mpg city, 25 mpg highway. Also, the independent suspension and precise management system deliver excellent driving characteristics. A large amount of data from the specification is not yet known.

Audi Q7 pickup truck -Price

Audi Q7 pickup truck will have a price that will range between $ 48.000 and $ 61,000. The biggest competitors are Toyota, Ford, and Chevy models. The precise date of implementation is not determined, but according to speculations, it is expected to start production.

Audi Q7 pickup truck-rear view

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