January 23, 2018

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2018 Isuzu D-Max-front view

How much are Japanese vehicles interesting in the world testifies there is a new version of a pickup truck. And that is 2018 Isuzu D-Max. A current second generation has taken platform from Chevrolet Colorado and visual appearance too, because of that it was called clone. North American market is a represented with compact trucks, so in this segment, there are strict rules regarding design, power plant, and other features. Carmaker lets potential customers choose between two different body styles with two or four doors. For example, the cabin can be configured with two mentioned styles.

This model is sold in many countries worldwide, so it’s very logical that it’s assembled in a few countries such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, and others. Designers considered changing front fascia and some others components that will beautify pickup truck, while specification offers new turbo power plants with excellent characteristics and fuel economy. For the end very noticeable is enriched trim package that brings better comfort compared with the previous version.

2018 Isuzu D-Max-front view

2018 Isuzu D-Max – Exterior

2018 Isuzu D-Max has brand new front fascia with chrome grille and a horizontal bar with the emblem of Isuzu Motors Company in the middle. LED lights are symmetric according to the front grille and positioned in the corners, so they ensure good visibility on the roads. Untypical for the compact vehicle but we can expect broad 21-inch alloy wheels that provide stability and good driving capabilities. Also, you can’t imagine pickup truck without sills, luggage racks and trailer hook. All of these will help car owner to perform various work tasks. At the same time, it should be in use for the urban condition for driving and for working on the farms or constructions. Its advantage lies in the fact that is flexible and projected as typical American pickup.

2018 Isuzu D-Max-rear view

2018 Isuzu D-Max – Specification

When you put the key in the lock and start the power plant you will hear sound from the basic 2.5-liter inline-4 unit. It produces 153 horsepower and uses diesel fuel. The stronger option is a 3.0-liter unit with 183 horsepower. Both power plants distribute torque to rear wheels or all four wheels drive via 5-6 speed automatic and manual transmissions. You won’t have to worry about fuel consumption and gas emissions because they have a satisfactory value. 2018 Isuzu D-Max has independent suspension and shock absorbers to create good off-road driving capability. The producer is making progress in technology package which supports power plant work and optimizes it in the best way possible.

2018 Isuzu D-Max-interior

2018 Isuzu D-Max – Interior

2018 Isuzu D-Max will not impress you with the achievements that you didn’t see before, but its interior looks elegant. Central console carries rejuvenated dashboard with new options and large LCD touchscreen. Keep in mind that infotainment system can be connected with external devices. You maybe wonder what is all this? Answer on this issue off course is giving you the next level of comfort.  The basic trim list includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, entertainment system with speakers and much more. The cabin can accommodate five occupants arranged in two rows of seats. It is available in the Single cab, Space Cab, and Crew Cab.

2018 Isuzu D-Max – Competitors

Finally, 2018 Isuzu D-Max will see daylight somewhere during 2018. Price is still not available, but if we look at specification we can predict slightly higher price. Direct competitors are Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara.

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