January 23, 2018

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2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4x4-front view

The story about diesel power plants in the US market does not stop, especially because of pickup truck vehicles uses this version of power plant. Further, after problems with diesel drive on American market have become sensitive to this. Maybe you heard about Volkswagen case, but regardless on it GMC continues with installation of Duramax diesel power plant. When you imagine pickup truck designed for working and family trip then it must have economic ratings and perfect mechanical features. That’s right, we talk about 2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4×4. Some kind of people don’t like diesel because there is need for cleaning exhaust system and take care about special equipment. On other hand, nobody doesn’t think about fuel economy and environment-friendly. Canyon can boast with off-road capabilities, cargo load, towing capacity and high torque. If you want all-mentioned features in one vehicle, then you must pay full price for that.

2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4x4-front view

2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4×4 – Exterior &Interior

Exterior design is very muscle looking and modern with chrome details and other decorative elements. Front fascia has a strong front grille with three horizontal bars, while beside LED square headlights are found. Intensity of lighting on the roads satisfies needs of customers. New front bumper in a color of body integrates round fog lights and chrome frame protects ventilation section. Like others pickup trucks, this one also focuses your attention on trailer and hook. Crew cabin disposes with side sills which allow easy access inside in both rows of seats. Interior design may compare with passenger car especially when we talk about smart devices, advance technologies and soft materials. Only some of the offered instruments are touchscreen, Bluetooth, 4G internet and others. 2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4×4 has a good isolation of the cabin and probably something less noisy power plant, so driving is more pleasant.

 2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4×4 – Duramax diesel

Wheels are rolling thanks to 2.8 liter four cylinder Duramax diesel power plant. Its output values amounts 200 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 9.4 seconds. This power plant sends power to all four wheels via six speed automatic transmission. For those who need more power you can use 3.6 liter V6 gasoline power plant. We can discuss about numbers, but any potential customer knows what he wants when buying a vehicle. You will be surprised with information that towing capability is estimated at 7600 pounds. With the diesel engine you will definitely achieve favorable fuel economy and make a greater number of miles.

2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4x4-interior

2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4×4 – Price

Each of mentioned options increases final price and makes additional cost for budget. Price for 2018 GMC Canyon Diesel 4×4 with full option is stopped on the $ 44,000. Release date is scheduled for 2017, and between biggest competitors we include Nissan Titan XD and Dodge Ram 1500.

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