February 21, 2018

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2018 Ford Super Duty-front view

Are you even thinking about a heavy pickup truck? Of course, you do,because you need these vehicles to perform your work tasks. 2018 Ford Super Duty is in the line of trucks that have weight over 8,500 pounds and this one includes a few different models. Predecessor model was Ford F-250/350 which has a simple design and excellent work performance. Fast development of automotive industry pushes American manufacturer to improve this segment. History says that Ford Super Duty was born in 1998 and he stayed to this day. Ford has two production facilities for Super Duties; one is in Kentucky and another one in Mexico.

2018 Ford Super Duty is built on body-on-frame architecture which uses strengthened steel while many components are made of aluminum. Aluminum philosophy has for goal to achieve better performances and cause of that this model will certainly be superior compared to the competition. Very important characteristics that described it are bigger axles, brakes, and powerful engines.

2018 Ford Super Duty-front view

2018 Ford Super Duty Design

The design is very beautiful and attracts the attention of prying eyes, especially when it somebody sees him on the road. The front fascia is inspired with “macho” appearance and that means a muscular hood and big chrome grille with vertical bars. Emblem of Company is in the middle and show new directions and solutions.  Lights have quadrate shapes and LED technology of latest generation increases visibility. We can also notice changes on the rear end with new stylish elements and trunk. It has a new mechanism which allows easy access to the cargo bed.

Inside comes with “tons” of leather that is in combination with other luxury materials. For example, manufacturer wrapped steering wheel with natural and soft leather, so that managing is very easy. Furthermore, seats give to you ergonomic characteristics and comfort in the long run. Central console carries digital cluster connected with new systems from safety package.

 2018 Ford Super Duty Safety

2018 Ford Super Duty adopted new safety features that protect all occupants in the vehicle. Specific measures are there to protect driver during driving. The environment around the vehicle is covered with 360 degrees camera view and additional warnings that prevent collision. We could say that drive with new Duty provides a new experience.

2018 Ford Super Duty-side view

 2018 Ford Super Duty Powertrain

Under the hood hides powerful powertrain with excellent output values. It is 6.7 Power Stroke Turbo-diesel V8 with 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque. Diesel engine comes with a manual or automatic gearbox. Power is successfully distributed to the rear wheels or all four wheels too. Independent suspension and shock absorbers guarantee off-road abilities and muffler works great in reducing noise from the engine.

2018 Ford Super Duty Price

2018 Ford Super Duty will arrive in the last quarter of 2017. Price starts at $ 35.000 for basic trim levels. If you choose premium trim then this price could grow for a few thousand dollars. Will this hard working mule satisfy your needs and overcome any challenge you throw at him? Our answer is certainly yes.

2018 Ford Super Duty-interior

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