February 21, 2018

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2018 Ford Raptor-front view

Ford F-150 pickup is the best-selling model in F-series and its popularity is very well known in all North American area. Current thirteenth-generation is making a big weight reduction in body structure, so you can expect more aluminum. Engineers say that they are still making the frameĀ of high strength steel, but all other parts of the body are from aluminum. As a result we have better sheet metal durability and work features. Manufacturer has also prepared special versions of this medium-sized pickup to offer better trim packages and functionality. So there we have come to goal and in the next few paragraphs we talk about 2018 Ford Raptor.

This model is intended for off-road driving and has many deferent elements comparing with standard model. It is the second generation of the model with this package name, and it gives new iconic design with some beautiful changes. Also changes are done on the powertrain and mechanic assembly to provide better driving on the rough terrains.

2018 Ford Raptor-front view

2018 Ford Raptor – Outer design

Outer design emphasizes a huge front grille and it is decorated with black chrome accents. Part around the grille is very modern and includes new front bumper and LED lights. What are you thinking about that? Front fascia is completely new and its aggressiveness expressing combat characteristics. Rear end is different, especially if you look at lights section and bigger tailgate. The cabin is more comfortable thanks to the bigger dimensions of body. Wheel base is longer for couple inches while tires have big crampons. Cargo bed is enough large to carry over your stuff and tools and special materials will protected it from rust.

2018 Ford Raptor – Cabin

Inside the cabin has space for five occupants arranged in two rows of seats. The carmaker made all seats with black and soft fabric which is very high quality. On the other side you can see central console which designers beautified with aluminum details, so design is very clean and minimalistic. Furthermore, 2018 Ford Raptor includes eight-inch touchscreen, navigation system and improved gadgets and apps which help managing with user interface. If you are thinking that that is all then you are wrong, because equipment list has dual zone climate control, 4G internet connection, voice control system and other. Also, safety package has some new features such as rear camera system, blind spot system and truck keeping system.

2018 Ford Raptor-interior

2018 Ford Raptor – Eco-Bost engines

Specification would presents with power-trains from Eco-Boost family. They are also known as very economical in the fuel consumption and have a high degree of efficiency in their line of work. 2018 Ford Raptor offers two engines with different volumes and output values. First option is all-new 5.0 liter Eco-Boost V8 engine that will be very strong. Do you need maximum characteristics in driving and working? If you gave positive answer on this question, this engine represents right choice for you. But an alternate option is smaller 3.5 liter engine with perfect features and fuel economy. Both units come with a new generation of gearbox that has new patterns to shift modes. Manufacturer is developing ten speed automatic transmissions which distribute power on all wheels. Exception is two wheel power drive configuration which comes as an option.

2018 Ford Raptor – Release Date

2018 Ford Raptor should come out in the first quarter in 2018. Price for basic model amounts $ 44.000 and but it will be higher with higher trim packages. We can conclude that Raptor is improved version of F-150 model and special designed for driving in difficult weather conditions and hard terrains.

2018 Ford Raptor-rear view

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