January 23, 2018

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2017 Toyota Hilux-front view

For people who prefer commercial light pickups 2017 Toyota Hilux presents the best choice. There are a few good reasons for this claim and one of the most important one is quality. Namely, Japanese carmaker is making vehicle that have modern look, comfortable space in the cabin and necessary capabilities for cargo transport. If you come back a few steps back in history, you can probably see excellent sales results which overcome 16 million units. Since 1968 it started with production and continues to this day, so we think that is sufficient fact that tells about quality and success which is achieved. Eighth generation is available in two body styles as 2-door (S cabin) and 4-door (Extra cabin, D cabin). Popularity is growing every day especially on target markets and its domination is great in Europe, Middle East, Far East and third world countries. What happened with new version?

2017 Toyota Hilux-front view

2017 Toyota Hilux – Size

Before answering that question we need mention that Hilux is not available in USA, because Japanese carmaker favors Tacoma. Although at one time belonged to largest pickup truck segment, now has fell down for other markets. However, reliable sources convey information which is indicating on enchantment of design and mechanical upgrades. Regardless that, current generation started production in 2015 and now it is found in the middle of cycle, so these changes will apply. Crew Cabin comes with the following dimensions: length 210.0 inch, width 73.0 inch, height 71.7 inch and wheelbase 121.5 inch. We can conclude that 2017 Toyota Hilux will completely fulfill all requirements in terms of its basic purpose. It is transport of passengers and goods in a safe and comfortable way.

2017 Toyota Hilux – Exterior

Exterior is inspired with “Keen Look” design language which is taken from Toyota Corolla. At first observation we can indicate that whole appearance will be more aggressive. The front fascia wears three horizontal bars which are shining very well thanks to the use of chrome. Main benefit of this design is slim LED headlights with excellent visibility in any conditions. The front bumper is lifted up from the ground thus to suit driving on uneven terrain. Rear end of vehicle has a fancy design with stylish rear lights and tailgate too. In order to achieve cargo value you can expect huge cargo bed on 2017 Toyota Hilux, which is protected against rust.

2017 Toyota Hilux-interior

2017 Toyota Hilux – Interior

There is no difference in terms of interior compared with passenger car. Above we have shown a nice review of cabin dimensions which dictated the number of seats. The moment you sit down, leather upholstery in combination with additional options will make you feel very satisfied. Whole story about premium interior in 2017 Toyota Hilux rotates about dashboard. In focus is large touchscreen that is connected with smart technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and Smartphone integration. You can feel safety with precise steering wheel, active belts and other systems which prevents accidents in traffic. Especially we put emphasize on an autonomous emergency braking (AEB), because for the first time it is introduces in this type of vehicle.

2017 Toyota Hilux – Power Plants

Depending of target market, carmaker has prepared wider range of power plants. Just gasoline version offers a few options like 2.0, 2.7- and 4.0-liter Dual VVT-I power plants. All of three produces more power and torque compared with previous time. Also, this report is not complete if we forget to mention the 2.8 L diesel (Cummins) power plant with 180 hp and 340 lb-ft of torque. Further, all power plants are connected with 5-6 manual or automatic transmission. Just like in other Toyota models the 2017 Toyota Hilux also sends torque on the rear-wheels as standard, or all-four wheels as optional.

2017 Toyota Hilux-rear view

2017 Toyota Hilux – Price

Egress on the market is scheduled for first quarter in 2017. Price will move from $ 25,000 to $ 40,000.  If you are indifferent about purchase of 2017 Toyota Hilux don’t forget that its reputation is very well. Sometimes it us used by militant groups and that alone speaks enough about its durability and reliability.

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