January 23, 2018

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2017 Mercedes GLT pickup-front view

Mercedes makes the new value in the pickup truck segment and we’re talking about 2017 Mercedes GLT model. According to “Auto Bild”, German carmaker creates mid-size pickup based on the Nissan NP 300 concept. But this story are don’t end here because in this project participate alliance Nissan-Renault. What new comes from Company from Stuttgart? Plans and ideas go in the several directions, so in the first line, we have a point that covered very attractive niche with great potential for further growth.

Second line is related with customers and fulfilling their wishes in terms of comfort, so we can conclude that is it premium model. What else? Targets are many countries worldwide on different continents such as USA, South America, South Africa, Australia and Europe. The main aim will be that new 2017 Mercedes GLT pickup used in the urban area and also in other places. What happens with off-road possibilities? We don’t know yet about mechanical details but we hope that will carmaker encourage off-road capability.

2017 Mercedes GLT pickup-front view

2017 Mercedes GLT pickup – Exterior design

The exterior design was inspired by mentioned Japanese philosophy which is applied on the Navara model. However, the pickup has beauty design thanks to innovations from “German kitchen” and the whole concept includes new elements that are distinctive for Mercedes. Main change relates to the wider rear end which affecting on the cargo bed and releases huge capacity for stuff. In this section, you can notice new bumper, rear lights, and tailgate with a mechanism which provide easy access toward cargo area. The front fascia has aggressive look with a chrome grille, horizontal bars, and emblem in the middle. A new generation of LED lights and fog lights ensures good visibility on the roads. Crew Cabin carries smooth panels and aerodynamic add-ons, so you can feel pleasure during driving. 2017 Mercedes GLT pickup makes the competition more interesting, especially in one tones segment.

2017 Mercedes GLT pickup – Specification

Specification offers four- and six-cylinder power plants, for those who want economical variants on the available have diesel power plant. Certainly one of the best variants is 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel unit which produces high outputs. Detailed information is kept under the veil of secrecy, but you can expect better values. Also leaked, are some rumors about the hybrid power plant. Power is sent to the four wheels via an automatic transmission, and we have good stability during driving.

2017 Mercedes GLT pickup-interior

2017 Mercedes GLT pickup – Interior

Mercedes has worked very hard on the interior design thus creating two new different trim packages. At this time we know that you can expect new materials, digital cluster on the central console and much more. Designers based the unique design on the minimalist concept that allows enough space for all occupants, so seating in the second row of seats really doesn’t present trouble. There is also a possibility that carmaker makes progress in safety because pickup trucks, in general, have a bad ranking. 2017 Mercedes GLT pickup adopts the additional system and mechanism which improves this field.

2017 Mercedes GLT pickup – Price & Competitors

The world premiere will happen in October this year while sales will start in the second half of 2017. Direct competitors are Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, VW Amarok and other. The price amounts $ 30,000 for basic trim but is much higher for premium.

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