January 23, 2018

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2017 Mazda BT-50-front view

2017 Mazda BT-50 is a mid-sized pickup truck offered from the Japanese manufacturer Mazda. The truck has been in the markets around the globe since 2006 and it’s the larger version of B-series pickups. Previous 2011 models revealed at 2010 Australian International Motor Show revealed some pretty impressive revisions to styling cues, being based on Ford Ranger platform. 2017 model  is scheduled to bring new design ideas once again, bypassing the current polarizing looks.

2017 Mazda BT-50-front view

2017 Mazda BT-50 Design updates

Overall design can be described as more muscular and stubborn. Designers decorated the front fascia with a black chrome air intake grille and a light gray covering some of it. Stumble shaped enlarged headlamps, fog lamps ahead of front wheel arches and two extra pairs of air intake spaces sandwiched between the fog lights actually makes the piece quite an interesting one. Riding on big alloy wheels, this pickup comes with foot platform on both sides to facilitate easy getting in and out.

2017 Mazda BT-50 Interior

Cargo space has appeared increased from current models, allowing haulage of bigger loads. Let’s not forget the rear end, which comes with smart tail lamps. Inside, 2017 Mazda BT-50 has everything a truck of this dimension can possibly offer; a full safety and technology kit is at the driver’s disposal, along with ample headroom and legroom. A strategically placed steering wheel and comfortable cushioned seats will benefit drivers irrespective of their heights.

2017 Mazda BT-50-interior

2017 Mazda BT-50 Transmission

Current models are powered by some Ford’s powertrains like the 2.2-liter MZ-CD I4 diesel and 3.2-liter I5 diesel units. Initial reports say that the current 3.2-liter I5 diesel unit will come as standard, which has a capacity of 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. However, a new generation of Mazda Sky-Active drivetrains which are superior in probably all aspects will be under the hood of 2017 Mazda BT-50 at a later stage. This redesigned model will come with both 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions. In addition, there’s a better overall performance and fuel efficiency than its predecessors. A new generation of the Sky-Active drivetrain is likely to boost the performance further to reach a whole new level.

2017 Mazda BT-50 Features

Carmaker gave driver and passenger safety the utmost importance. This is evident from 6 airbags for protection in case of an impact, control swaying, and load balancing features. Also, there is Anti-lock braking system and other measures under the umbrella of standard Mazda I-active sense kit. That’s not all. This umbrella also provides Intelligent Transport Systems from Mazda Safety teams for minimizing chances of accidents. Technology suite of 2017 Mazda BT-50 will encompass all standard elements like Bluetooth connectivity, programmed climate control system, electronic movement handle, programmed warm side perspective mirrors and an upgraded dashboard full loaded with access buttons.

2017 Mazda BT-50-rear view

2017 Mazda BT-50 Competition

2017 Mazda BT-50 will compete with other products of this segment like Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200.

Price and Availability

2017 Mazda BT-50 will probably be available for sale by late 2016, with a base price tag about $40,000. Prices will further wave up and down based on features and technologies added on this pickup platform.

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