January 23, 2018

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2017 Ford VelociRaptor-front view

Amazing, on the horizon is the new co-operation between Ford Motor Company and Hennessey Performance Engineering team. Did you try to guess what new is preparing? We can give you our observation on this issue. First of all, Hennessey is Tuning Company which upgrades vehicles and makes all that they might be faster, stronger and more efficient in work. In this case, you look at the new Ford F-150 Raptor that receives some modifies in the engine packages, mechanics, and design too. People simply adore this popular pickup truck and want to see perfect features. By the way, that is the best reason to buy it. 2017 Ford VelociRaptor will offer better capabilities and high performances that are much better than standard model

So in the hope that we have your attention now, we can say that if you are in need of a perfect pickup truck you can give this one a shot.

2017 Ford VelociRaptor-front view

2017 Ford VelociRaptor – Under the hood

Under the hood is located a powerful 3.5 twin turbo V6 engine that will be the driving force for 2017 Ford VelociRaptor. While in the base model comes as an optional unit, Hennessey has decided to give it a new role and primarily put focus on power and effectiveness. Furthermore, we expect higher torque that will in an easy way help you perform work tasks and other obligations. Hennessy has also installed ECU programmers and significantly improved engine management processes. Still, there are not available specification details but the upgraded engine will be supported with high-flow air intakes.  It is essential that engine has very efficient cooling to reach the best optimization and fuel economy. What happened with exhaust system? With higher-flow entrance requirements and higher output volumes as right solution is imposed downpipe exhaust system. Stainless steel guarantees great durable features, especially against the flow harmful gasses.

2017 Ford VelociRaptor – 4×4 suspension system

Engine sends power to all four wheels via the automatic transmission. New 4×4 suspension system is really useful because independent suspension allows displacement of any wheel independently. For example, if just one wheel has a hard surface you can send torque on that wheel only and come out from any situation.

2017 Ford VelociRaptor-rear view

2017 Ford VelociRaptor – Exterior

2017 Ford VelociRaptor brings a couple new components and materials in very important exterior areas. Raptor is much known as off-road and logically it arises the need for better wheels and tires. Wheels are stronger with solid structure because rides through the rough terrains with so many rocks, mud, sand and the similar condition can be devastating for them. Tires with deep patterns and crampons will have excellent grip on mentioned surfaces. The carmaker beautified front fascia with sports bumpers, while in the corners there are new generation lighting bars that increasing the visibility of the roads ahead.

2017 Ford VelociRaptor – Interior & Price

Interior remained unchanged because Hennessey team puts the focus on the mechanic section and power plant. So we won’t talk about its comfort and what interior package contains. For more information, you can read this post which describes the interior. The company will unveil 2017 Ford VelociRaptor in the last quarter of 2016. Price is unknown but if we look at the price of the basic model, it will probably be significantly higher.

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