February 21, 2018

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2017 Ford Super Chief-front view

Ford Super Duty truck was huge success when it came out. Based on that, we are expecting a new concept from Ford which is named 2017 Ford Super Chief. This concept will give us look about design and features that will present the future of Ford pickups. What was inspiration for design of this concept?

2017 Ford Super Chief – Design

Inspiration for front fascia and grille of 2017 Ford Super Chief, believe or not is locomotive. In other words it surpasses previous concept models such as Ford F-250 Super Crew and the Ford F-250 King Ranch. This model has more aggressive appearance than its predecessors (why are we not surprised?). With broad aluminum grille and front lighting unit this concept looks more futuristic unlike anything we seen before in this segment. It really looks like locomotive with big alloy wheels. Solid aluminum structure and bigger side doors makes Super Chief very rigid. Trunk bad is sacrificed in size in favor of bigger cabin and therefore much more comfort for all occupants.

2017 Ford Super Chief-front view

2017 Ford Super Chief – Futuristic interior

What would a concept model be without futuristic interior? At first look we can see that all of the dashboard and steering wheel are combination of wood and aluminum. We can also see carefully chosen shades of brown between wood and added leather which are perfectly crafted for those two. Besides sacrificed trunk that we mentioned before beautiful leather upholstery will contribute to next level comfort for the driver as well as for other passengers. Engineers at Ford will surprise you with advanced safety features and other innovations.

2017 Ford Super Chief – Tri-flex fueling system

It won’t look just pretty it will also get the job done. With a new supercharged V10 engine there are no obstacles that it cannot exceed and tasks that cannot complete. With 550 horsepower will be able to reach max speed of 180 mile per hour.  Another very interesting fact is that it uses tri-flex fueling system. What does that mean? It will allow drivers to use three different fuels and those are gasoline, E85 ethanol or hydrogen. Ford aims to attract more customers with this innovation. Hydrogen system alone provides 400 lb.-ft. of torque and using this system will eliminate 99 % CO2 emission than the gasoline-only option.

2017 Ford Super Chief-interior

2017 Ford Super Chief – Conclusion

Ford Motor Company has set a straight goal in the future of pickup segment. With 2017 Ford Super Chief modern look and advanced features Ford is definitely going the right way far ahead of its competitors. There will certainly be much more innovations in the future from this American car manufacturer.

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