February 21, 2018

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2017 Ford F-650-750-front view

2017 Ford F-650-750 trucks are designed to perform various work tasks. Both versions have a commercial character and are widely used in the US market. The new generation of 2017 Ford F-650-750 brings better drive performance and driving skills. The production line is located in the federal state of Ohio. The propulsion system is based on the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo diesel V8 aggregate with high performance. The engine is designed in three ranges of power: 270 hp / 675 lb.-ft. of torque, 300 hp / 700 lb.-ft o torque and 330 hp / 725 lb.-ft. of torque.

The engine block is made of iron, while some components of graphite. The turbine is integrated with a new exhaust system, which increases the level of efficiency and improves strength. Diesel propulsion systems consist of common rail fuel injection and new filters for purifying. And as an option biodiesel fuel is mentioned. World trends show an increase in consumption of biodiesel as means to drive heavy trucks.

2017 Ford F-650-750-front view

2017 Ford F-650-750 – Specs

The second option is a powerful 6.8-liter V10 engine that consumes gasoline. This engine has not previously been available and represents exclusivity. Output characteristics stop at 320 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque. The manufacturer also gives the possibility of installing powertrain on CNG or propane gas. Both engines are connected with the new generation of 6-speed automatic transmission. In addition, there are two modes of work: automatic and manual. New forms guarantee a better transfer system. The possibility of braking with the engine on uneven terrain prolongs the life of the brake system. Potential pulling he was promoted but will be higher compared to the previous model.

2017 Ford F-650-750-gearshift

2017 Ford F-650-750 – Chassis

Tests are done and they indicate that 2017 Ford F-650-750 is very resistant. So performing work tasks on uneven terrain takes place with ease. The chassis is made of high strength steel and the height ranges between 33-40 inches. The large wheels can carry a huge burden, especially on the rear axle where dual wheels are located. Further, maximum payload is estimated at 37,000 lbs. The 2017 Ford F-650-750 is functional and has the possibility of connecting with a trailer. Traction potential is really great and it depends on the choice of engines.

2017 Ford F-650-750-interior

2017 Ford F-650-750 – Cabin

2017 Ford F-650-750 will be sold in three different cabin configurations. The first option is a Regular Cab two-door, then Super Cab with four doors and Crew Cab. The cabin can accommodate passengers in two rows of the seats. A bent rear bench gives a larger luggage space. Seats are made of soft fabric to ensure maximum comfort. Besides the center console, there is multi function steering wheel with new features added that makes it easy to manage. The 110-volt socket of the alternating current provides power for operating machines. The standard equipment package also includes Sync infotainment system with voice search, navigation, Bluetooth and other applications. It will be available during 2016 on the market. Basic price is $ 56,000 but can grow depending on the selection of trim levels.

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