January 23, 2018

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2017 Dodge RAM Rebel-front view

We believe in the new pickup which carries 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel label. But we must know that label brings somewhat different package. And it means a modified exterior design, additional options in the cab and drive performance. At front fascia, you can see refreshed front grille with black trim. The structure of the grille permits a greater volume of air, and thus rapid cooling of the engine. Xenon headlights provide excellent lighting on the roads. The back side will have redesigned logo and LED headlights. The new 19 inch wheels and stylish bumpers will only improve the general impression. Dimensions of Rebel model are increased by only a few inches. Medium-sized trucks are very popular, so we can expect fierce competition. Facelift brought new value compared to the standard model. Either way, the design is playing an increasingly bigger role in the purchase of this model.

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel-front view

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel – Engines

When you buying a truck you will first read information about the engine. Every truck owner will tell you that the power is the main characteristic. During the execution of work tasks, a very big role plays performance. 2017 Dodge RAM Rebel is driving 3.6 liter V6 engine that releases 305 hp. If you need a more powerful option, will you then choose the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 unit? Well, the V8 engine delivers an impressive 400 horsepower. Also, the increase of traction is dramatical, from 7,400 lbs to 10,500 lbs. Automated gear displaces torque to all four wheels. The independent suspension gives it off-road capability and bigger cargo space. But the carmaker kept a large number of details under a veil of secrecy.

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel-rear view

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel – Cab & Cargo

Engineers made cargo bed out of stainless materials and it provides additional space for storage. Also, sockets, lighting, and accessories will help you facilitate work processes. Safety features include all standard systems and mechanisms of protection. RAM is well known as a quality and reliable model. Also, the cabin will be available in three different configurations. Regular Cab, Quad Cab, and Mega vary in geometry and space with their disposal. 2017 Dodge RAM can accommodate five passengers in two rows of seats. Comfort is at a high level because the seats are covered with leather. Ability to customize the seating position and ventilation will make your trip more pleasant. The new generation infotainment system is integrated with smart devices. Those give the impression to the youngest passengers.

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel-interior

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel Release Date

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel will greatly raise the competitiveness. Additional options raise the price compared to the standard model. The realization is planned in late 2016.

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