January 17, 2018

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2017 Dodge Ram Rampage-front view

2017 Dodge Ram Rampage is a pickup that presents a modification of the standard Ram 1500 model. Nameplate Rampage brings greater dimensions of the body and interior. The platform is taken from Fiat’s truck, and drive is transmitted to all four wheels. The use of lightweight materials loses unnecessary weight and improves performance. The most obvious progress has been made in fuel consumption. Production of 2017 Dodge Ram Rampage takes place in factories in Mexico. 2017 Dodge Ram Rampage is designed for customers who must perform various work tasks. The design has undergone a major overhaul, but now will be much more aggressive and streamlined compared to the previous period. You may notice new shapes at the body, LED lights, accent the front and rear bumpers, roof spoilers, and more.

2017 Dodge Ram Rampage-front view

2017 Dodge Ram Rampage Specs

2017 Dodge Ram Rampage comes with two  engines. The US specification will receive a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with high performance. The engine is connected to a 9-speed automatic transmission which transfers torque to all four wheels. Fuel consumption is around 18 mpg city and 27 mpg highway. However, the truck enthusiasts who want more power, more powerful motor is at their disposal. According to speculations, it is most likely a 5.7-liter V6 engine. Dodge Charger and Jeep Grand Cherokee also have the same engine. Superior mechanical system and precise management system guarantees a new driving experience.

2017 Dodge Ram Rampage Cabin

The space inside the cabin is impressive, and passengers have two rows of seats. The 2017 Dodge Ram Rampage has the ability to transport five passengers and cabin comes as a four-door. Stow ‘n’ Go system allows overlapping and manipulation with seats in order to obtain usable space. The center console comes with a large touchscreen with dual automatic climate control and navigation as well as other devices. The user interface is progressing but will allow you to select the desired activity while driving. Cameras, alarms, and advanced diagnostic systems will detect all the information while driving.

2017 Dodge Ram Rampage- interior

2017 Dodge Ram Rampage Price

Competition is growing from day to day, so we come to the impressive list that contains the names of GM, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru. The basic price is $ 17,000. However, if you choose a stronger motor or a more luxurious option package price is drastically increasing. The upper limit is $ 60,000. Release date will be in the end of 2016 but can happen to enter in early 2017. Medium sized pickup gets on its popularity not only on American soil but also in Eastern countries.

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